"E-SCREEN #1584"



Masterly executed completely by hand, the "E-SCREEN" serigraph print series was made by Cresenciano in 2012, for his first solo exhibition that was held at Galería Guatíbiri, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico.

The images printed in the "E-SCREEN" series, are extracted from his digital instalation piece named, "3D Broadway Boggie Woggie".
This digital instalation piece was created in the year 2010 by Cresenciano Sotomayor under the guidance of his then teacher, Marco Trevisani.
"3D Broadway Boggie Woggie", is part of the collection at MoMA, Department of Architecture and Design.

"E-SCREEN #1584", 2012,
Acrylic paint on polyester drafting film (Mylar),
30" x 30",
Exclusive edition of 20,
Numbered and signed by the artist.

Details may vary due to the handcrafted nature of each piece.

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